How much Canadian content to require?

Last year, the rule for Canadian content was that there had to be some in at least 4 of the first 20 tossups, and at least 4 of the first 20 bonuses. Also, don’t exceed 50% Canadian content overall in the packet.

I’d like to retain the 50% maximum (not that this has been an issue), but I’d also suggest that we require at least 1/1 (tossup/bonus) with some Canadian content in EACH of the categories of History, Literature, Geography and Current Events. And also require at least 1/1 NON-Canadian content in those same categories. My reason is just that in a Canadian tournament, there’s something wrong if NONE of the 3-4 Lit tossups (for example) refer to Canadian lit. I’d suggest also that there be at least 1/1 with Canadian references somewhere among the remaining categories (Science, Fine Arts, Religion/Philosophy/Mythology, Social Science, Popular Culture, General Knowledge).

However, I know from a discussion on QB-CANADA last summer that some people would prefer to have less Canadiana.

4 Responses to “How much Canadian content to require?”

  1. hanson Says:

    i think canadiana is integral to veto, so the quota should remain in some form. as for setting quotas for categories (e.g. 1/1 in lit), i’m not so sure about that. i mean, with can lit, forcing everyoen to write 1/1 means you’ll either: a) get a lot of repeats; or b) get some ridonkculously hard questions on obsure canadian works or authors.

  2. Philippe Says:

    I agree with Hanson’s objection to the quota per category. I think it would only be something to consider if you had problems in the past where most of the Canadian questions of the entire tournament were in one or two categories (History, Geography for example).

    But from what I saw before there seemed to be some balance at VETO, people would write Canadian content in the areas they are more knowledge/interest on, which might lead to more interesting questions than asking anyone to write a specific amount of CanCon in each category.

  3. Ben Says:

    I had originally sent my idea privately to Peter, but I will state it here. Raise the CanCon minimum to 5/5 in the first 20, but put a MAXIMUM of 1/1 CanCon in any one particular category. I would also consider amending it so that the “big three” (lit, history, and science) get a maximum of 2/2 instead.

    When Peter originally brought it up, I was under the impression that he wanted to see more Canadian content, but beyond 3/3 geography and a hockey question.

    I believe that my idea forces variation from the dependence on geography, but gives freedom by not demanding CanCon in specific categories.

  4. Administrator Says:

    The new guidelines are the same as last year: minimum 4/4 in the first 20; no quotas for particular subject areas; don’t exceed 50% overall.