VETO X in 2008!

It’s time to plan for the tenth Vancouver Estival Trivia Open.

First, to set the date: Is Saturday, July 19 OK with people?

Some other issues:

  1. It might be a nice idea to have somebody editing all the packets instead of going with our traditional “guerrilla” style. But this work, of course, would require having an editor who would take on the job.
  2. How about another Trans-Canada Championship Match? This will require a packet from someone who will not be playing in VETO.
  3. Does anybody want to suggest changes to the question guidelines that we used last year?

Add your comments below.

3 Responses to “VETO X in 2008!”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I’ll be travelling to Australia from July 8 to 23, so that pretty much rules out July 19 and the weekend before for me.

    That having been said, please don’t feel obligated to shift the tournament date on the basis of my schedule. I’d be more than happy to assist by either editing or writing the packet for the TCCM, though I acknowledge I’m not the best candidate for either for various reasons.

  2. Jordan S. Says:

    (Previous comment was from S., not P., for clarity’s sake)

  3. Peter Says:

    Jordan, a TCCM packet would be great.

    Thanks for offering to edit, too, but presumably you wouldn’t want to be doing it while you’re in Australia.
    I was thinking, though, that instead of the major effort usually expected of a tournament editor, it would noticeably improve the VETO players’ experience to have the packets edited in even a minimal way, meaning:
    - getting the questions into standard format (no “I” questions, for example);
    - eliminating repeats;
    - correcting any errors, hoses, and poor tossup clue ordering that the editor happens to notice on first reading.
    I’m not saying that I want to discourage a potential editor from doing more than this, just that if this is all an editor does, there will be an improvement and we’ll appreciate it.